Hello Guys: Why Contraceptive Pill Is Not Good For Your Girlfriend

The National Agency for Safety of Drugs and Health Products (ANSM) carried out a study that discovered the pill was linked to Thrombosis – blood clots that house in the heart and bring strokes and cardiovascular disease.

A total amount of Fourteen of Twenty deaths were caused by 4th & 3rd generation drugs, while the rest 6 were blamed on 1st & 2nd generation pills, states the Daily Telegraph.

A research by a French health expert has revealed that the use of contraceptive pills triggers around 2,500 blood clots and Twenty deaths yearly in the nation

The 3rd and 4th generation pills are presently under analysis due to the situation of 25-year-old Marion Larat, who has actually declared a claim saying that a later generation medicine left her seriously handicapped after suffering from stroke.


“The risk of venous thromboembolism applies to the population as a whole, but the risk is low,” ANSM said. “It increases with age for all women, regardless of whether they use oral contraceptives or not.

“It is higher for users of third and fourth generation contraceptives than for users of first and second generation contraceptives.” This ANSM study was based on a statistical.

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