Picture Of Trey Song Ki**ing Another Dude: Is He Really Gay?

Trey song, who’s presently on his “Chapter IV Globe Tour”, is captured up in some more dramatization however this time it’s one involving his sexuality.

A picture of a man who appears like the R&B superstar man smooching yet another fellow has the Internet in a tizzy. Bloggers have tried to verify rumours of Trey Songz alleged sexuality for some time now however this could be the cigarette smoking weapon, if this is in reality Trey Songz and not a look-a-like.

Trey Songz that was just in the news on being detained for offence attack, hasn’t resolved the picture concerned but instead answered that he will continue to be light-hearted despite of the “lies or hate” while spending the holiday seasons with his family members.

Here’s his tweet:



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