Jealous Ex (Adebiyi) Stabs Mother of His Daughter (Esther) Dead In Greater Manchester, UK

A Muslim guy was sentenced to life imprisonment today for stabbing his devoted Christian ex-girlfriend THIRTEEN times after they went their different ways after harsh fights about him wishing their little daughter to transform to Islam.

Esther Arogundade, 32, was attacked by kitchen area porter Shola Adebiyi in her house after she started a dating another guy.

Adebiyi also drank oven cleaner in trying to kill himself and phoned Esther’s new lover to say he would never see her again before confessing to the killing to a friend.

Police broke into the mother-of-two’s home in Salford, Greater Manchester, and found KFC worker Esther lying dead on the kitchen floor with multiple stab wounds to her back and front.

Adebiyi was jailed at Manchester Crown Court for a minimum of 20-and-a-half years after admitting killing her.

Adebiyi additionally consumed oven cleaner to kill himself and phoned Esther’s new boyfriend to tell him he will never see her again prior to admitting to the killing to a friend.

Police burgled the mother-of-two’s house in Salford, Greater Manchester, and found KFC employee Esther lying lifeless on the kitchen floor with a number of stab wounds to her spine and front.

Adebiyi was imprisoned at Manchester Crown Court for a minimum of 20-and-a-half years after admitting to killing her.

The court heard how Esther began dating Adebiyi in 2007 and that they had a daughter together now aged 2 but split up last year after a series of unending fights.

Rob Hall prosecuting said: ‘These arguments were ignited by differences of opinion over the religion of their daughter – the defendant wanted her to convert from Christian to Islam, but Esther was a Christian.

‘There were arguments about expenses, bills and childcare.’

Last March Esther, who already had a nine-year-old daughter living in Nigeria from a previous relationship, began friending another man named Mr Alabi.

While visiting family in Africa Mr Alabi received a sinister phone call from Adebiyi, claiming he would be killed if he returned to the UK.

Mr Alabi told Esther about the call and she spoke to Adebiyi but he initially denied it.

Mr Hall added: ‘Mr Alabi returned to the UK and the relationship took the next step and it turned into a sexual relationship.

‘They spent a great deal of time talking and texting on their mobile phones – it may well be that it came to the attention of the defendant.’

On June 26, Adebiyi cleared out his locker at work at a conference centre in Manchester then left armed with a large kitchen knife and waited for Esther and their daughter to come home.

Throughout that evening there were phone calls between Mr Alabi and Esther and a child minder who was booked for the next day.

But the following morning Adebiyi was said to have made ‘frantic arrangements’ to get child care for his daughter and handed her over at 9.50am along with her birth certificate and left in her push chair.

He then called Mr Alabi, who asked about the whereabouts and welfare of Esther only to be told he would never see her again.

He then called a friend and confessed he had killed Esther, claiming it had happened during a fight.

The friend went to the house and saw Adebiyi come out wearing a blood-stained t-shirt and holding a large black-handled knife.

He saw him throw the knife into nearby bushes.

In mitigation defence counsel Michael Lavery said his client had made a ‘very genuine’ attempt to take his own life by drinking oven cleaner.

He added: ‘He took the knife to kill himself and his partner. He’s lost his daughter as well as a consequence of his own actions.

‘It is tragic for the victim of this murder and a tragedy for the daughter and for the father too. It is his own fault, I know, but that is not going to make it easier for her.’

Passing sentence Judge Andrew Gilbart QC told Adebiyi it was not clear exactly when he had killed Esther.

‘I am ready to accept that you were very upset – and indeed distraught – at what was happening to your relationship.

‘When you acted as you did you were under much emotional strain.’

After the case Senior Investigator Andrew Tattersall of Greater Manchester Police said: ‘The biggest tragedy here is that a child has now been deprived of both her parents.

‘Her mother was taken from her in a vengeful, violent attack and no sentence today can bring her back.’


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