HOW HEARTLESS CAN A WOMAN BE: Mechanic In Jos Finds New-Born Baby Boy In A Basket By The River-side (Moses Again?)

A day-old infant boy dumped near a river at the Race Course area of Jos was discovered on Monday

The infant was discovered at 6 a.m., right opposite the major campus of the College of Jos by a mechanic, Abubakar Garba.

Mr. Garba claimed he was about to go across the stream on his way to attend a naming event, when he suddenly heard the sound of the wailing of the little infant by the bank of the river.

“When I heard the cry of a baby at that odd hour, I got scared, but I mustered the courage to peep into the bank where I saw the baby in a basket.

“The baby was worn a sweater, while a towel was also wrapped around him,” he said.

Mr. Garba said that he called some neighbours who took the baby to Sharna Police Station near University of Jos.



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