Hollywood’s Denzel Washington Coming To Nigeria Next Week To Shoot Movie

Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington, is expected to show up in Nigeria next week to take part in the shooting of Spider Basket, a brand-new flick produced by Nigerian entrepreneur, Dennis Osadebe.

Osadebe himself showed up in Nigeria from his base in Turkey last Friday in business with his Turkish partner, Abdulkadir Erkahraman.

Osadebe’s choice to buy into the entertainment industry shows his level of confidence in the rich talents in the country. “Denzel is simply one of many Hollywood superstars that I wish to witness the skills in this country and to influence considerably on Nollywood. Others are coming. My second film, “By Fire by Force”, is to be premiered this month,” he points out.

Osadebe’s DCS Entertainment has signed up 2 Nigerian artistes, Wandy Boy and V2K.


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